5 Blockchain Conferences to Look Forward to in the Upcoming Spring

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were one of the most searched words on the internet in 2017-2018, however, the hype got finished very fast and the situation became odd. Due to a lot of speculations, scam schemes, and numerous ups and downs, it made the industry uncertain.

The world population is divided into three parts at the moment: the ones who believe in blockchain technology, its power to change the world into a better place and admire it; the ones who have taken financial lose or do not really support the decentralization; and the ones who have no idea what this technology does.

We decided to go through the conferences that have been held before and are planning to be held in 2020 to identify who has survived the so-called ‘crypto winter’ and is moving forward; who are the players still playing the big game, what are their plans and when are they going to show their results. All this information can be found and heard on the conferences and events associated with the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. These events are plenty and involve the whole planet with numerous industries trying to apply the blockchain technology to their business activities and advance in the working processes.

Below you will see several notable and important blockchain/crypto conferences that are worthy to attend. What are the expectations of experts and the market before the Bitcoin halving hits and when do experts think the next bull-run will take place. The selection has been done according to the quality of speakers, location, discussed topics and attending companies. Hope this information will be valuable for any interested party and will help to make a positive decision and plan the next business trip.

1. Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020

Hong Kong, China / 2-6 March, 2020

This event will be visited by several thousand people from 50+ countries. Hundreds of experts, enthusiasts, supporters, developers, investors, and media will be sharing their vision and knowledge to each other regarding the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Hong Kong is one of the leading financial places in Asia at the moment and the interest in the above-mentioned industry is very high. Founders and creators of various cryptocurrencies, investment funds, exchanges, and the representatives of banks will be attending Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020.

2. Token2049

Hong Kong, China / 17-18 March, 2020

One more event in Hong Kong which attracts our attention and should interest others as well is the Token2049 annual conference. Organizers always bring the most prominent speakers and celebrities of the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry to speak for their achievements and discuss the future actions of their projects. The previous event had the c-level representatives of Litecoin, NEO, Lisk, Bancor, Tron, Zilliqa, Hedera Hashgraph, and many more.

3. Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Paris, France / 31 March - 1 April, 2020

PBWS 2020 is an important conference for the blockchain industry within the European Union. France has big plans regarding this modern technology and this annual event is here to strengthen the belief in it. The major French blockchain project together with other leading projects has been attending the last PBWS conference; among the attendees were the executive-level representatives of IOTA, Tezos, Binance, Coinbase, Dash, Ripple, and others.

4. ANON Summit

Vienna, Austria / 15-16 April, 2020

ANON Summit will be held in Vienna, Austria and attract the specialists operating within the Blockchain, AI, and IoT fields. This conference is designed to gather Austrian and global tech-experts and let them share their knowledge and expectations on the mentioned technologies of the future. This event is wonderful to identify and acknowledge the interaction of different technologies and how each of them can contribute to digital transformation.

5. Consensus 2020

New York, USA / 11-13 May, 2020

Consensus 2020 is organized by one of the most reliable news agencies of the cryptocurrency world Coindesk. The annual conference is held to screen the best projects and solutions within the blockchain industry. The major players from all around the world gather and travel to NYC to attend this event, participate in workshops, listen to popular speakers, network and identify the innovative solutions.