5 Main Reasons to Attend Conferences

At EventKeep we are all about Events, and if you have looked around our website, I am sure you found a few events you would not mind attending yourself. Many of our users attend events on behalf of their company, this may be a possibility for you as well. In this article we give you five reasons why.

So, what are the reasons for making people keep attending these events? Why do people keep spending money on entrance tickets, plane tickets, hotel expenses and any other fees that are associated with expensive or relatively expensive business trips? What are the benefits of attending conferences?

These questions are on our mind and we decided to make a research and understand, what exactly visitors are searching for and what are the benefits they would probably take out from attending any event. What are the hopes and expectations of people and what opportunities does the conference really provide to them?

According to the interviews with the professionals, the following 5 main reasons have been identified as the most important benefits anyone can get and expect by attending the conference:

1) Networking

One of the most important reasons to attend any event is networking. Conferences give a chance to meet people from all over the world with the same interest as you. Thousands of like-minded professionals travel to the destination point to meet people like “you”, get to know you better and possibly form new deals and partnerships.

2) Find Solutions to the Problems

It does not really matter in which field you operate, you are not the only one! Plenty of other specialists are trying to tackle the problems and provide innovative solutions. Find the solution to your problems at the events. Listen to speakers, participate in workshops and engage with other experts which are exhibiting on spot. People are in general very helpful and they would love to share their knowledge and experience with you, of course, they would like to receive back the same from you.

3) Present Your Ideas

An extremely important part of attending the conference is to present your idea. Be prepared and be ready to pitch your idea to plenty of people. If you can afford, exhibit and let people approach you and ask you about your plans. Share your plans and solution to the attendees and partner up with the interested parties. Get feedback from other experts, that might help you a lot. The presentation also gives a possibility to pitch to the possible investors and get additional funds.

4) Let Others Meet and Greet You

Let the other professionals in your field know, that you are a new player in the house. Be open and communicative. You can be head of a multibillion company or just a student who has newly formed the startup, however, both are attending the event and have a chance to engage with others. Meeting the right person might be crucial and dramatically change the direction and development of your project. You never know who you might meet on the way.

5) Learn Other things, You Are Not the Only One With Brilliant Ideas

People are amazing! Every industry, every year, has new innovations and wonderful achievements. Conferences are the best places to present new solutions and show it to the world. You, as an attendee, have a chance to see the new tools and techniques right away. Learn from others, try new tools and advance in your own industry. Developing yourself will help your project to move fast and forward.