Startups! Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming!

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Startup? A group of college students working in a garage on some hazy mind-blowing idea?! Many people visualize that picture with Hollywood Happy Ending and the startup team becoming the next Google or Facebook.

But to be more accurate, Startup is a Solution!

Startups are the future and the key to finding solutions to the existing or upcoming difficulties of humanity. It doesn't really matter if a startup is challenging the world climate issues, or just inventing a new social media management tool. Both of the ideas are innovative, which makes our lives more comfortable, safe, successful…

However, before the startups will “help us”, they need “help from us”. They require valuable advice, funds, assistance, marketing and many various things that will give them the tailwind.

Startups, in the beginning, are always limited with funds and they need to attend the gatherings which will give them the highest ROI. Startups rarely have enough funds to travel to different parts of the world, attend the events to pitch investors and go back to their garages with the gold medals. Accordingly, we decided to provide the selection of several Startup Conferences which should be valuable for the startup companies to attend in 2020. We provide info and you decide if it is worthy for you!

1. Startup Grind Global Conference

Silicon Valley, USA / 11,12 February, 2020

10,000 attendees, 100+ sessions on 10 stages are the planned numbers for the Startup Grind Global Conference for 2020. An opportunity will be given to 300 startups, which will have a chance to exhibit and pitch to the possible investors.

Special matchmaking application will be available for the participants, so they can in advance plan their meetings with the investors, who will be representing numerous VC’s and other investment funds. Startup Grind Global Conference is a wonderful possibility for any startup to attract attention, get funding, receive priceless experience and use it for future activities. Every startup should try to exhibit at this event after all “Startup Grind is a Community for the World's Entrepreneurs”.

2. sTARTUp Day 2020

Tartu, Estonia / 29-31 of January, 2020

Especially important for the Baltic region and the neighboring countries, sTARTUp Day 2020 will be held in Tartu, Estonia. More than 4000 visitors from 65 countries will attend this event to have a look at 350 startups exhibiting. Massive attention from the media and investors makes sTARTUp Day especially interesting for the ones seeking for additional funds.

Exhibitors will have a chance to join pitching competitions, educational stage programs, seminars, and network as much as possible. This is an opportunity to raise some funds and possibly form new partnerships with “Big Brothers”. In addition, the matchmaking application will be provided to participants, so that they can match the interested parties and plan the meetings in advance.

3. Nordic Growth

Stockholm, Sweden / February 5-6 of 2020

Nordic Growth is organized by the Arctic15 and represents one of the most important startup conferences held in the Nordic region. VC’s, Angels, CVC’s and others will be massively attending this event to see what startups have prepared to show. Nordic Growth is an amazing opportunity for startups to see the “daylight” match with possible investors and partners.

Organizers are proud of the achievements they made on the previous events, which amounted to 5452 meetings in 2 days. This number is impressive and promises the participants to receive the maximum from the conference. Nordic Growth is an event, where no one will have the possibility to relax, this is a 2-day event of intensive networking and pitching. Visitors are attending to get the maximum ROI from this and slacking is not recommended allowed. If you think you are ready for this, Stockholm is waiting for you.

4. Step Conference

Dubai, UAE / 11-12 February 2020

8000+ attendees, 400+ startups, 100+ companies and 4 conferences within 1 festival. These are the numbers for Step Conference which will be held in the Internet City of Dubai. We do not need to say much about how important this city became in the last decade. Their direction is looking far into the future and attending Step Conference should be extremely valuable for any startup. Entrepreneurs will have a chance to meet and greet the investors from all over the world.

Notable companies that have already attended the previous Step Conferences are Pepsi, Uber, Zoho, Visa, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Forbes and many more. The presence of such companies at the event always speaks for its significance, adding value and opportunity for the exhibiting startups.

5. Barkation

Tokyo, Japan / 19-20 of February, 2020

Last but not least in our list is Barkation. An event for startups which is being held in Tokyo. Inspirational speakers and startups will gather from different parts of the world to attend the Barkation conference. Entrepreneurs will receive knowledge shared by the prominent speakers and a chance to share their solutions to the attendees. Special programs are developed for startups, which will help them to determine their future activities.

We don’t think that anyone needs a special reason to visit Tokyo and Japan in general, but if you are a startup (especially near Japan or maybe even local) and waited for a chance to visit Tokyo, this is the moment! Do not miss a chance to visit the most populous metropolis of the world.

These 5 Startup Conferences have been selected in 5 different regions so that the readers can find an event closer to themselves. Every year starts with the winter and the strong start is always very important for future success. Start your year strong, bring your startup to one of the above-mentioned events and nail It!

Good Luck!