Top 5 AI Conferences Around the World Before the 2020 Summer Heat

A lot has been written and many times have been said about how AI is going to change the world, transform the current business flows and give a completely new shape to our everyday lives. Some are cheering AI and some are against it. However, this process can not be stopped, it’s moving forward and every year gaining more power and speed.

Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary technology and as we all know, revolution does not happen without some noise. Thus, could the Artificial Intelligence revolution be peaceful? Or should the world be prepared for the consequences?

AI is an interesting topic and there are many different opinions about it. However, some experts can say a lot more about this technology and what should we be expecting in 2020. We are providing the selected events that will be held before the summer of the next year. These events claim to have hand-picked the speakers and experts in the AI field and we think that the following conferences will be fruitful to attend to, to stay ahead of the competition in Artificial Intelligence.

We decided to show the events in the countries that are runner-ups trying to catch China and the USA in AI development. We all are interested in what is happening in the other parts of the world and who else is catching up in this technology, who are the new players on the field and what can they offer to the society.

1. AI Everything

Dubai, UAE / 10-11 March of 2020

This event is important due to its location in the middle east region, where not so many AI associated conferences are being held. The support from governmental bodies is massive and the AI Everything is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashin Al Maktoum, Vice President and the Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

More than 500 companies from all over the world and thousands of data scientists will gather in UAE to discuss and review the use cases of AI technology. According to the 2019 attendees, the conference is expecting to have the same scale of sponsors and attendees in 2020, who will be sharing their experiences and knowledge with the visitors.

2. Data Innovation Summit 2020


The 5th annual event will be once again taking place in Kistamassan, Stockholm. Representatives of Google, Apple, Ericsson, Github, Uber, Volvo, and many other popular brands will be participating in panel discussions and presentations.

The existence of the Data Innovation Summit in Sweden is not only good for the locals but also important for the whole Scandinavian community, as this event gives a possibility to the nearby interested parties to visit the conference and hear more about Artificial Intelligence.

3. AI For Good Global Summit

Geneva, Switzerland / 4-8 May of 2020

AI for Good will be held for the 4th annual time. This event is having a massive interest from all over the world, as it is a platform of the UN for Artificial Intelligence technology. Governmental bodies and different agencies are attending AI for Good due to its format, as they will be discussing the cases which combat climate change, world hunger and ecology. More than 100 countries are sending their representatives to Switzerland to attend the event.

The exhibitors will be presenting the solutions which are developed to combat the World Challenges. Openly discussing the solutions which were made to benefit the whole population of our planet. Thus, no one wants to miss this event as scientists will gather from all over the world to attend and participate in AI for Good Global Summit 2020.


Lyon, France / 12-13 of May 2020

SIDO is an annual tech conference that will be held for the 6th time next year. Lyon is welcoming the tech enthusiasts and interested parties to participate in one of the biggest tech events in the world. More than 11,000 professionals, 500+ companies and 250+ speakers will be attending and discussing the latest Artificial Intelligence innovative solutions.

SIDO is also very important for the local tech community, as almost all the major French companies will be attending and giving a chance to exhibitors to showcase their solutions and attract the attention of companies like Airbus, Atos, Carrefour, Michelin, L’oreal, and others.

5. Rise of AI

Berlin, Germany / 13-14 of May 2020

The Rise of AI is an annual conference that is held and organized in Berlin by the AI enthusiasts. To compare this event with the other ones by scale, it is smaller, however, it is more like a boutique type of event, even though it is expected to be attended by 2,000 professionals. The Rise of AI is distinguished by the high quality of attendees and high interest from the companies attending the event. More than 100 companies will be attending and discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence technology.

The speakers are always chosen very carefully and the visitors will have a chance to listen to the data scientists from Mercedes Benz, IBM, Microsoft, PWC, EY, and other big companies. The Rise of AI is an event that is oriented on quality rather than quantity.